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Mission and vision

The mission of the journal arose from the fundamental role and task of the Institute of History of the University of Sarajevo, which is the intention to present the results of independent, team and collective recent research and study of archival sources, to enable their publication in a form shaped by scientific postulates, as well as to promote their scientific verification before the scientific and professional public. At the same time, the Contributions are a forum for the gathering and cooperation of individuals and institutions of related humanities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, thereby strengthening the positive and vital scientific research aspirations of all involved, both those already tested by experience and work, as well as young and promising personnel with the aim of acquiring scientific knowledge and discussing it. The mission also consists in the aspiration to expand scientific and research horizons, achieve progress in knowledge and understanding of the past, strengthen the positioning of Bosnian historiography, scientifically and professionally valorize its results in an open academic dialogue and consequently lead to the scientific maturation of both individuals and the historiographical collective, within which knowledge is created, enabling the conceptual and practical trajectory of the emancipatory profile and social status of scientific intelligence. Those gathered around the journal see their vision in providing authors and the scientific public with the opportunity to continuously monitor contemporary historiographical trends, multidisciplinary approaches, and thus the opportunity to improve and review the achieved scientific reach. In addition, the goal is to invest efforts to maintain the once-achieved primacy of the most competent historiographical journal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to increase the competitive scientific research abilities of the authors of articles and the scientific forum in order to constructively, professionally responsible, ethically and intellectually reflect on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s past and contemporary reality. Based on these principles and a dynamic path through scientific cognition, argumentation and dialogue, Contributions remain a worthy arena for scientific research confrontations, and at the same time eliminate the potential danger of self-sufficiency and self-isolation, thereby expressing a constant readiness for their own scientific and intellectual development.

The range of topics and sections of the journal

The journal publishes original original scientific, review and professional papers and reports from all historical disciplines that have not been published either in the country or abroad, nor submitted to another journal for publication. The basic sections in the journal are: articles, materials and reviews.