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Admission procedure

In January each year, the Institute of History announces a public call for papers for the next issue of the journal. Papers are sent electronically to the journal’s address prilozi@iis.unsa.ba. The dynamics of work and division of tasks for the preparation for the publication of each issue of the journal is determined by the Annual Plan of the publishing activity. The Editor-in-Chief, in cooperation with the Secretary of the journal, collects the received works and makes the first selection, i.e. decides which works will be delivered to the members of the Editorial Board. The secretary of the journal submits the selected works, but without indicating the names of the authors, to the members of the Editorial Board for reading. Members of the Editorial Board read the submitted papers, make a second selection and at the Editorial Board meeting, in cooperation with the editor-in-chief, propose reviewers and decide which paper will be sent to which reviewer. After the review process is completed, the editor-in-chief, in cooperation with the Editorial Board, determines the final content. The secretary of the journal sends the selected papers for proofreading, and the abstracts, title and keywords to the person hired to determine the UDC and DOI numbers for each article. After finishing the proofreading, the Secretary of the journal performs the first proofreading of the papers and sends them for proofreading. After the completion of the text break, the papers are sent to the authors for proofreading. After the author’s comments have been entered, the editor-in-chief performs a second proofreading of the entire text of the journal. The finally determined text of the journal is sent to be printed in the printing house that was selected after the public procurement procedure was carried out.