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At the moment of handing over the manuscript, the author agrees to the review process. The editor-in-chief ensures a standard review procedure of double-blind review in which the identity of neither the authors nor the reviewers is revealed. The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board decide to which reviewers the received works will be sent for evaluation. Each paper will be submitted for at least two reviews. If necessary, the work can be sent to a third reviewer if the work covers several periods/areas or if it is evaluated or categorized differently in two reviews. Reviewers write reviews based on pre-prepared forms. The categorization of the article is proposed by the author according to the categorization that is published in the public call for papers, and the reviewer accepts the proposed categorization or proposes a new one. After evaluating the work, the author is obliged to make any changes suggested by the reviewers or according to the instructions of the editor-in-chief. Only those works for which two positive reviews are written will be published in the journal.