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The statement on publication ethics and abuse of publication is published by Contributions journal, and the Editorial Board and the Institute of History, as publishers, assume responsibility for the implementation of the Journal’s policy.

  • Editor Responsibilities:

The editor-in-chief and editorial staff decide which of the submitted manuscripts should be published in the journal Contributions, guided by the policies of the journal’s editorial board, as well as legal rules. The editor is obliged, in an objective, fair manner and without discriminating against authors on any basis, to maintain the integrity of academic works and to prevent intellectual and ethical standards from being compromised. In the event of a complaint, the editor is obliged to adopt and implement policy procedures, and to announce corrections, apologies and clarifications regarding his work. The editor is responsible for preserving the anonymity of the reviewers, and the editor and editorial staff may not disclose information about the submitted manuscript, except to the author, reviewers and publisher. In the event of a conflict of interest with the author of the work, the editor is obliged to give the manuscript to one of the members of the editorial board for review and consideration.

  • Reviewer Responsibilities:

Reviewers contribute to making editorial decisions and improving the quality of the work, in an objective and fair manner, without personal criticism. Peer-reviewed manuscripts are treated as confidential documents. The reviewers are obliged to keep the information and ideas generated by the expert review of the paper confidential, and may not use it for personal gain or disclose it, unless it has been approved by the editor. The reviewer is obliged to report to the editor a conflict of interest with the work of the author, co-author, as well as the work itself, and may not review it. The reviewer is obliged to warn the editor about the substantial similarity or overlap of the manuscript with another published manuscript of which he is aware, as well as about non-citation and plagiarism.

  • Responsibilities of the Author/Co-author:

The author/co-author is obliged to submit a completely original manuscript, with exemplarily listed and quoted parts of other authors’ works, if they exist in the paper. All information provided in the manuscript should be correct. The author/co-author is obliged to disclose information that may cause any conflict of interest, which may affect the unwanted interpretation of the manuscript. Author/Co-authors warrant that their contribution is original and has not been previously published (except as an extract or as part of a published lecture, review or thesis); that the Manuscript is not being considered for publication elsewhere; that the publication of the Manuscript has been approved by all co-authors (if any), by signing the Author’s Agreement with the publisher. By signing the Agreement, the Author/Co-authors guarantee that the Manuscript does not contain unfounded or illegal claims and does not violate the rights of others. If the contents included in the work are protected by copyright or related rights, the Author/Co-authors are obliged to obtain written permission for their use from the holders of copyright or related rights. The Author/Co-Author with whom the correspondence is made guarantees that he is authorized to transfer the copyright to the Publisher. Manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal Attachments are subject to verification using the software for plagiarism detection of the University of Sarajevo.

  • Publisher Responsibilities:

The Institute of History will prevent violations of ethics and abuse of publishing by respecting the standards of the Statement through the responsibilities of editors, reviewers, authors and publishers.